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I'm a BIG TIME nerd and I love doing research/ discovering new and amazing ways to level up my writing craft. I also love to share that information with others! Take what you need, come back anytime. Oh, and always feel free to reach out if you have specific questions. 

The resources for writing and for entering the writing community are ENDLESS. It can be overwhelming to the point that you feel stuck and lonely in your little writing corner. ESPECIALLY when you are on Twitter (which you should be!) and everyone seems to know and like each other. That can feel very isolating. 

Below you will find some of my favorite resources, from podcasts, to accounts, to websites, to books. 




Whether you are a brand new writer or a seasoned pro, I can guarantee that the books listed below will teach you at least ONE new thing if not many, many more. Prepare to have your little writer mind blown by these spectacular books on writing. 



Twitter Accounts

A great way to connect with fellow writers is the use of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram! You can search these hashtags to find out how others are using them. Make some new friends and get your writing out there!


Youtube Accounts

Alexa Donne's Youtube channel has advice on everything. From how to get started, to dealing with your debut year (fingers crossed, right?!). I love her advice because it is honest, and while sometimes it isn't what you want to hear, she doesn't mince words. It is also REALLY interesting and fun to listen to. 

Meg Latorre is a Youtuber, writer, and editor which lends to a unique blend of advice. She is also a former literary agent. Like Alexa, she brings a very personal approach to this advice and she also frequently has amazing guests. Recently, she started a monthly show called Publishable, also available on Youtube. 

What I like most about Craft Quest is the wide range of advice. Typically, Megan, Ari, Justine, and Maria are all in the video giving tips discussion style. It offers more depth and perspective to the topics they choose. Additionally, you can hire them to edit your work! 

Depending on how you look at it, the 21st century is either the BEST or the WORST time to be a creative. There is so much technology right at our fingertips, but there is also SO much to investigate. Things aren't free and most of us don't unlimited money or time to test what's out there. Below are some of my favorites so far. Keep in mind that technology is flawed- even the best programs have their bugs. I'll do my best to note those below.  

There are plenty of programs to choose from when it comes to writing your manuscript or screen play. It all comes down to your personal needs. For some, it is as simple as a series of Microsoft Word files, while others opt for the magnanimous capabilities of something like Scrivener. We'll talk pros and cons below and I'll include links to free trials should you decide you want to try something new!




Word Processors


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