REVIEW: Small Favors by Erin Craig

Thank you Netgalley and Delacorte Press for an early opportunity to devour Small Favors. I loved Erin Craig's first book so this one was HIGHLY anticipated.

TL;DR upfront for the BUY IT NOW crowd: you should preorder Small Favors if you're a Little House on the Prairie aesthetic enthusiast or if you're a beekeeper who likes to sleep with the lights on.

If you need a little more convincing...

Ellerie Downing's village is falling into ruin of biblical proportions: fire, retribution, and mutated animals, oh my! And our sweet little never-been-kissed bee keeper is faced with protecting and caring for her family as their neighbors become more paranoid and violent through the toughest seasons of the year.


First off, Erin Craig is a master of atmosphere and horrific imagery. Unlike HOSAS, Small Favors is just like its cover--bright with a sense of dread. Someone I was telling about the book compared the vibe to midsommar and I was like, "YES, that." Basically, the sun is shining and warm and someone is braiding flowers in your hair but it's a woman with sharp black teeth who is humming a folksong about a monster that drags children to the bottom of the lake. This is not a spoiler for the book it's just how it FEELS.

This book started out a bit slower than HOSAS--things started happening immediately but I didn't have a full grasp on the story until about 25% in--then it got really, really tense. I mention this because I've seen a couple reviews talking about the pacing and I want to assure you it does speed up and then it feels like the hits don't stop coming. Craig was RUTHLESS with some of these plot points and characters. No one is safe.


Finally, I really enjoyed the romance in this one. Whitaker is such an interesting character and the progression of their romance leads to a pretty satisfying end when {redacted]. If you want to know, go read the book. ;) I don't want to spoil anything since the book isn't out yet, but I'll say that I liked this romance more than the one in HOSAS.


Bottom line, I'd recommend this book to friends who like atmospheric horror that leans more fantastical than paranormal, who like their heroines unconventionally "strong" and resilient, and who have bedside lamps so they can read this late into the night even though those are the wrong hours to be doing so. Or are they the exact right hours?

Add it on GoodReads, you creepy nerds. Or even better, PREORDER it now so it can bee on your shelf on July 27th!

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