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YA writer Natalie Lockett discusses writing, publishing, and more with writers in all stages of their careers and publishing professionals. The podcast is by writers for writers! Natalie is always taking applications for interviews. 

Past Episode & Resource Index

Natalie interviews author Patrick Bohan about getting his agent in 2018 and how to write an award winning query letter. She also chats with Patrick McDonald, the creator of the website QueryTracker, about its origins and how to get the most out of it. 

If you're a querying writer or you plan to query in the future, this inaugural episode is for you!

Ep. 1 Braving Querying: Tips, Tricks, & Tech for Querying Writers 

PASSIONATE AUTHORS ALERT. Natalie chats with YA authors R. Miotto. E and Jimi A. Rodriguez about common writing questions (and more)!

Ep. 2 Author Panel: Students Ask, We Answer  

Ep. 3 Peer & Professional Critique 

Natalie interviews a CP group about their process and how to get the most out of working with other authors. This episode also features editor Meg Trast talking about all things critique and her beta reading program. 

Ep. 4 Ideas & Inspiration

Listen to authors Amy Romine and Wendi Whitsett chat about where ideas come from, when you should let them go, and how to turn them into your best stories!

Ep. 5 Pitch Perfect

Natalie chats with writer, editor, and publishing veteran Jessica Hatch about the different types of pitching and how to put your best foot forward! 

Authors Wendy Stone, Ron Delaney, and James Cook join Natalie to talk about the Writers Digest Conference in NYC. Listen in for details about the conference and live pitching to agents. 

Ep. 6 Writers Digest Conference & Pitch Slam

Author Emily Layne chats about being a mentor and her new book These Wicked Waters, out from Owl Hollow Press on October 22nd! 

Ep. 7 Write Mentor & Debut Authoring

BONUS: Writers Digest Wrap Up

Tune in to hear about the Writer's Digest Conference from speakers, attendees, and insiders. Couldn't make it to NYC? You'll want to hear this episode! 

Ep. 8 #NaNo19Chat

All things NaNoWriMo! Tips and tricks, from plotting to margaritas. Tune in to get some inspiration from some successful NaNo winners!


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